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KickassTorrents: Best Mirrors and Alternatives

KickassTorrents (KAT) was once the most-visited torrent site on the internet, bypassing the immensely popular Pirate Bay. The site began in 2008, and reached its peak in 2014. In 2016 it went offline for a spell but was resurrected by some of the former members of staff.

If you use Kickass proxy to access online content, you may have been a site visitor. Kickass proxy allows you to download films, songs, television shows, ebooks and apps that have just been released. You unlock the content and share it through a peer-to-peer connection. Depending on the type of content you download the files may be huge.

The List of Kickass Proxies & Mirrors Sites:

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Why Do They Block Sites Like KickassTorrents?

Cmon, you don't think anybody cares about downloading all the copyrighted content for free? Somebody wants to get paid for creating that content, and they have powerful business and political connections. The Government may block access to KAT based on where you live. Perhaps there are strict copyright laws which your ISP enforces. But you can unblock Kickass with the help of KAT Proxy.

An ISP can often block access because they know you're going to need significant bandwidth to download your content. A challenging feature of torrent pages is that often they tend to either completely vanish or become unattainable.


What Can I Do When They Block it or Take it Down?

Relax, pour yourself a tall, cold one and find a way to defeat the blockade your online activity is perpetrating. Download a VPN and start spoofing your location to a country where you will be able to access all the torrents your heart wants. Mask the ISP 's Address, so they can't limit download volume.

Another way to get to KickassTorrents if the site is down is to search the web for Kickass mirror or Kickass proxy sites that will replicate all the content you want to download. One of these methods you should be able to use to get around any roadblocks that are put up to discourage your torrenting.